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Hive Temperature Experiment

Hi Everyone,

Here we are doing a little experiment on hive temperature through a honey season.  Our aim is to record the ambient temperatures inside a hive through the production of honey, with nectar gathering, reduction to honey and capping.  We then want to go a step further and measure the ambient temperature through the harvesting process.


By recording the ambient temperature through all stages of production we can then address any process where temperature fluctuations may effect the chemical and pollen DNA marker testing results in manuka honey samples.

Our temp sensors showed heat variation in the honey super ambient temperature in comparison to the brood temperature that stay almost uniform.


The results of the temp data recorder in the honey super gives us a natural temperature parameters for the honey inside the hive which we can then use as a guide for storage conditions.


Changes in the temperature fluctuations could of come from variances in weather patterns where the bees dispersed to reduce heat in the hive.  Another possibility is by the filling of the honey super during a nectar flow and then moving higer in the hive with the direct access of hive top entrances.





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