Hive Body
Hive Body
Extract and Box
Extract and Box 


Extract and Box's workshop provides a range of standard and modified hive-ware




Hive Top Feeders

Radiata pine 110mm x 20mm, 4mm plywood.  Two coats of polyurethane on internal surfaces.  Assembled with glue, roofing silicone and 10 x 45mm stainless steel screws.  Each compartment can hold up to 5lts of sugar syrup.


Solid Baffles for converting Deep Brood Boxes into adjustable size Nucs

Excluder Baffles used in Queen Rearing and Queen Castles.

Bee Escape Board

20mm x 50mm radiata pine, 3mm plywood. 

Featuring a lega 8 way escape.

Bottom Boards. 

20mm thick laminated radiata pine, 15mm risers, 3 x 2 treated kahikatea stands.

Deep Box.

Brood and Honey Supers. Radiata 22mm and 20mm options. 

Assembled with glue and 20x 45mm stainless steel square drive screws.

¾ Honey Super

Radiata pine. 20mm thick assembled with glue and 16 x 45mm stainless steel square drive screws.

Inner Covers.

35mm x 20mm radiata rims, 3mm plywood.

These our our standard size to fit our sliding baffle.

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